We are incredibly proud of our past members who have excelled in their careers in academia and industries. Some have become esteemed professors in academia, shaping young minds and contributing to the world of research and knowledge dissemination. Some have risen to the top ranks of various industries, becoming influential leaders and making significant contributions to their respective fields. Some of them established their own companies and continuing translational research. It’s truly gratifying to see their hard work, dedication, and the knowledge they gained during their time in our lab translate into such remarkable achievements. We always wish great success and happy life for our lab group members!

Visiting Scholars

Jongho Kim

Visiting Scholar from Chungnam National University

Currently Assistant Professor at Kyungpook National University.

Yoonjung Na

[email protected]

Yirang IM

[email protected]

Taek Seung Lee

Visiting Scholar from Chungnam National University

Currently Professor at Chungnam National University.

Ji Ho Youk

Visiting Professor from Inha University (2010-2011)

Currently Professor Chemical Engineering, Inha University.

Yeong-Eun Yoo

[email protected]

Senior Research Scientist at Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials


Visiting Scholar from Kyungpook National University (2012-2013)

Currently Professor of Biomaterials and Biofibers, Kyungpook National University.


Visiting Scholar (2006-2007))

Currently Jeil Industry Korea.

Jie Hao

Visiting Researcher from Nankai University.


Visiting Scholar from Chungnam National University.


Visiting Scholar (2009)

Currently at Seoul National University.


Visiting Scholar (2010) Currently Principal Research Scientist at Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials


Visiting Scholar (2010-2011) Currently Postdoc at University of Sheffield, UK


Visiting Professor (2013-2014) from Kongju National University


Visiting Scholar (2004) Currently a research scientist at Ae-Kyung Inc.


Visiting Scholar (2012) Currently Postdoc at Samsung Display


Visiting Scholar (2005) currently a research scientist at Dongwoo Fine Chemical


Visiting Professor (2011-2012) currently Professor of Chemistry at Sungkyunkwan University


Visiting Scholar from Harbin Institute of Technology (Ph.D. Candidate)

Yonghwan Kwon

Yonghwan Kwon

Visiting Postdoc (2024) from MSE, Seoul National University

Jianlu Zheng

Visiting PhD Student (2023) from Chemical Systems Engineering, University of Tokyo.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Mounggon Kim

[email protected]

Currently at LG Chem

Jae Cheol Cho

[email protected]

Postdoc Fellow (June 2004 – April 2008)

Currently at Samsung

Eun Jeong Jeong

Postdoc 2009 – 2012

Currently at Merck

Do Hyun Kang

[email protected]

Postdoctoral Fellow (2015 – 2019)

Currently Principal Research Scientist at Korea Institute of Machienary and Materials

Jihan Kim

[email protected]

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D. at Sungkyunkwan University

Currently at LG Chem

Hyong-Jun Kim

[email protected]

Postdoctoral Fellow (July 2004 – July 2007)

Sunjong Lee

[email protected]

Postdoctoral Fellow

Currently Senior Research Scientist at Korea Institute of Industrial Technology

Dong Hyuk Park

Postdoctoral Fellow (2011 – 2013)

Currently Professor of Chemical Engineering, Inha University

Youngchang Yu

[email protected]

Postdoctoral Fellow

Currently A Senior Research Scientist at Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology

PhD Students

Wenhao Shao

[email protected]

Ph.D. in Chemistry 2022 “Purely Organic Triplet Emitters: From Fundamental Molecular Design to Performance Amplification in Modern Applications”

Currently Postdoc at Purdue

Muru Zhou

[email protected]

Ph.D. 2022 in Macromolecular Science and Engineering “Full-field, Conformal Epiretinal Electrode Array Using Hydrogel and Polymer Hybrid Technology”

Jaehun Jung

[email protected]

2018 Ph.D. in Macromolecular Science and Engineering,

Enhancing Room Temperature Phosphorescence from Organic Molecules by Internal Heavy Atom Effect and External Agents

Ramin Ansari

[email protected]

2021 Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. Thesis title: Computational Molecular Design for Developing Metal-free Organic Emissive Materials

Currently a Research Scientist at Pythia Labs

David Bilby

[email protected]

Ph.D. 2014 Thesis title: Investigation of the influence of molecular structure at interfaces in polymer photovoltaic devices

BS 2009 U of Michigan 

Currently at Ford

Onas Bolton

[email protected]

Ph.D. 2009 Materials Science and Engineering

Thesis title: The Directed Heavy Atom Effect: A Design Principle for Metal-Free Organic Phosphors

Postdoc with Adam Matzger at UM Chemistry

Octet Scientific, Inc (Founder & CEO)

Kyeongwoon Chung

Email: [email protected]

2016 Ph.D. in Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Title: Design of Organic Materials with Unique Supramolecular Assembly for Optical, Electric, and Biomedical Applications

Currently Professor of Biofibers and Biomaterials at Kyungpook National University

Joonko Kang

[email protected]
Office: 26-121N NCRC

Ph.D. 2019 Novel Photoarylation-based Controlled Polymerization of Conjugated Polymers and its Application for Transparent Electrode

Currently at LG Chem

Bong Gi Kim

2012 Ph.D in Macromolecular Science and Engineering, University of Michigan, Dissertation Title:  Strategies toward High Performance Organic Photovoltaic Cell; Material and Process

Currently Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Konkuk University

Myung-Su Kim

Ph.D. 2008 Materials Science and Engineering

Thesis Title: Understanding Organic Photovoltaic Cells: Electrode, Nanostructure, Realiability, and Performance

Currently at LG Chem

Jiseok Lee

Ph.D. 2011 Macromolecular Science and Engineering

Thesis title: Molecular Design and Self-assembly of Polydiacetylene for Biosensors and Sensor Arrays

Currently Associate Professor of Energy & Chemical Engineering at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

Kangwon Lee

Ph.D. 2008 Materials Science and Engineering

Thesis Title: “Functionalized Conjugated Polymers for Signal Amplifying Biosensors and Sensor Arrays”
Currently Professor of Transdisciplinary Studies & Applied Bioengineering, and Associate Dean at Seoul National University

Chen Li

Ph.D. 2019 Thermal Management of Electronics and Optoelectronics: From Heat Source Characterization to Heat Mitigation at the Device and Package Levels (with Prof. Kevin Pipe)

Robert Nidetz

Ph.D. 2011 Materials Science and Engineering

Thesis title: Self-assembly of Nanogold for Optical Metamaterials

Laura Povlich

Ph.D. 2011 in Macromolecular Science and Engineering

Thesis title: Bio-functionalized and Biomimetic Conjugated Polymers for Interfacing Prosthetic Devices with Neural Tissue

Current Position: Program Director, International Center, NIH

Sungbaek Seo

Ph.D. 2014 Thesis Title: Strategies toward Highly Sensitive Polydiacetylene Supramolecules based Biosensors

Postdoc at UCSB

Currently Associate Professor of Biomaterials Science at Pusan National University

Donghwan Seo

Ph.D. 2009 in Mechanical Engineering

Thesis title: Polydiacetylene Chromism Towards Toxic Chemical Detection via Molecular Size-Dependent Selectivity

Apoorv Shanker

Ph.D. 2017 Macromolecular Science and Engineering

Thesis title: Designing Polymeric Materials with Enhanced Thermal Transport and Tailored Thermo-Responsive Properties

Currently Postdoc at MIT

Byeongseop Song

Ph.D. 2018 Controlling Thin-film Morphology and Incorporating Novel Semiconducting Molecules toward High Performance Organic Optoelectronic Devices

Currently at Apple

Ricardo J Vazquez

Ph.D. 2019 in Chemistry “Characterizing the Excited State Characterizing the Excited State Dynamics of Organic Materials for Efficient Energy Conversion: from Current to Photons and Vice-Versa”

Assistant Professor in Chemistry of Indiana University Bloomington starting July 1, 2023

Da Seul Yang

Ph.D. 2020 in Macromolecular Sci. & Eng. “Semiconducting Polymer Design and Interface Engineering for Efficient Charge Transport”

Currently Senior Research Scientist at Hanwha Total

Yingying Zeng

Ph.D. 2021 in Macromolecular Sci. & Eng. “Organic Room-Temperature Phosphorescent Materials: from Triplet Exciton Modulations to Biosensing Applications”

Currently at DuPont

MS Students

Shuo Zhang

BS in MSE UMich, MS 2023 in Macromolecular Science & Engineering

Currently at UC Berkley

Andrew Phillips

M.S. in 2015
Currently a PhD student at University of Chicago

Erik Dammen-Brower

MS in Materials Science & Engineering

Noah Gajda

B.S. in MSE, Univ. of Illinois

MS 2014, Biomimetic materials

Currently at Baxter

Alica Guzman Smith

MS 2012

Young Do Kim

B.S. MSE Univ. Michigan 2009

M.S. in MSE2010

Currently at Seoul National University

Jingga Morry

MS 2007 Biomedical Engineering

Contribution to Chem Comm 2013

Ph.D. student at  Oregon Health & Science University

Ching-chin Pun

MS 2006 Chemical Engineering

Currently in Taiwan